My NewsBreak Article Just Got over 500K Views in Two Days

In this article, I will share my viral story experience.

Ashleigh Nicole
3 min readJul 20


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Working as a contributor for NewsBreak has been an exciting and fulfilling experience for me. While every article I write holds a special place in my heart, there was one particular piece that took my journey to new heights.

The Unexpected Twist

It all began on a seemingly ordinary morning when I decided to publish a story that caught my attention. I had originally titled it “Guess Who Roger Stone Just Predicted Would Be the Democrat’s 2024 Presidential Nomination?” It was intended to explore an intriguing political prediction of Roger Stone. Little did I know that this article would soon prove to have captured thousands of readers.

A Shift in Title

After the article had amassed around 300,000 views, I received a notification from NewsBreak, informing me that changes were required. They requested I alter the title, removing the reference to Democrats. Though initially taken aback, I swiftly adjusted the title to “Guess Who Roger Stone Just Predicted Would Be the 2024 Presidential Nomination for This Political Party?” to comply with their guidelines.

Viral Success

To my delight, the following day brought an additional 180,000 views to the article. The numbers kept rising exponentially, and as of now, the article stands at a staggering 563,000 views, accompanied by 3 million impressions. The engagement it generated was phenomenal, with 4,347 comments, 2,011 likes, and 4,921 shares.

Ashleigh Nicole

The Viral Phenomenon

While I wish I could pinpoint the exact reason behind the article’s remarkable success, it remains a mystery to me. Perhaps it was the timing, the controversial subject matter, or simply the curiosity it sparked in readers. Nevertheless, the overwhelming response has left an indescribable impact on my journey as a NewsBreak contributor.

Continued Growth and Future Prospects



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